We specialize in hydroseeding small lawns or repairs 3000-10,000 sq ft. If you want that lush, thick lawn our lawn aeration is a great service for the fall weather. We can also dethatch your lawn to remove any build-up of dead grass preventing light to get to your grass roots. Lots of dandelions or other broadleaf weeds causing your lawn to look unsightly? We offer services to kill the weeds and add fertilizer bringing your lawn to life.
We take pride in making sure your home stands out from your neighbors. A nicely mulched bed with a distinguished edge is a great start to improving the look around your property. Trimming your shrubs and pruning your flowering trees neatens the appearance. Add in some strategically placed colorful flowers with your freshly striped, mowed lawn and you will have people’s heads turning as they go by. Here at TLC we do our best to make a great first impression on anyone who visits your property. 
Our staff have received certificates of training from ICPI & NCMA which oversee the standards in the hardscaping industry. We use 3D computer software to bring your hardscaping vision alive in front of your eyes. This allows us to show you what your project will look like before we even pick up a tool. Making sure our customers are satisfied with the work we do is our #1 goal.
Our crew of snowplow drivers will be out and ready to clear your driveway 24 hours a day during a storm. Our crews of snow fighters are driving in new model trucks and have the newest models of heavy-duty plows. We also have salting/sanding services available for you for any ice storms. For commercial properties we offer salt brine to pre-treat lots and walks and offer sidewalk services. 
Our work expands onto sports fields as well. Hire us to edge, mix, and level your infield or aerate and overseed your outfield. Need low spots on your soccer field leveled or need turf repair we can do that as well. We specialize in aerating and overseeding your soccer, baseball, football and large all- purpose fields. Our equipment is capable of completing many different tasks to give your complex a lush, professional finish.